Our mission is to promote in the US, the Mediterranean/Lebanese olive oil and related products
Using the 6,000 year old Beladi and other olive varieties we introduced in the USA in 2010;
To blend it with olive oils & food products readily available in the USA for the purpose of gaining awards & appreciation in the USA
And encouraging its use by US manufacturers as a base to blend and use with their production & cuisine.
To have our award-winning olive oil and zaatar on every table for dipping with bread at breakfast and before lunch & dinner,
For food preparation & manouche, a healthier & tastier alternative to pizza.

Go on www.cornersoftime.com which carries award-winning TIME olive oil products in case you need to shop for some.
Or call Bernadette at 512-474-2223 for help.

TIME olive trees, TIME olive oil & Corners of TIME brands are owned by Olive Grove Partners, Ltd.
Our Vision
Working together, we rise to our full potential in a transparent, caring and fulfilling environment.
Our Mission
Holding ourselves to a higher standard in blending the best of traditional Mediterranean culture with modern American technology,
We are introducing to the United States the Lebanese Mother olive tree.
We aim to serve consumers who care about their family’s health as well as social, cultural and ecological well-being.
We commit for a gracious experience to all our customers, timely delivery, fair pricing and friendly professional service.
Enrichment, comfort and dependability.

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